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Ivannka's Disinfection treatment is an upshot solution for every sector of our daily life that is both domestic and commercial. Being one of the pioneers in India, we are holding the present market with the utmost integrity. Our aphorism is to nurture the customers with a spot-on solution for both home and office.

We realized that reliable product quality and performance, continuously after-service and innovation are keys to achieving clients’ requirements.


90 days protection from viruses using electrostatic machines.

V-Coat by ivannka uses electrostatic machines to disinfect the surfaces for upto 90 days.
It's a certified solution to current virus crisis.
- Tests are conducted before and after the application.
- Trusted to work against SARS and other such viruses.
- Ideal solution for places with higher population density.
- Certificate will be provided upon completion of the job.
- 99.99% Germs are killed with this application and surface remains virus free for 90 days.
- Certified professionals to apply the coating and testing the areas disinfected.

Can be applied to the following:
- Offices, residences, gym, schools, showrooms, banks, vehicles, and all public places.


Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates about 80% of infections are spread by touching contaminated surfaces in common areas at pubic places or healthcare facilities. One sick person can contaminate half of the common surfaces within few hours which can spread germs to many other people in a quick time. Regular housekeeping can’t get rid of germs as it temporarily removes contamination & does not guarantee continued protection of high-touch surfaces.



In a time like this, where the spread of deadly virus is threatening us all, we have started our disinfectant treatment in which through the latest technology, we disinfect your house or offices. The process of this treatment are:
- We use high tech machines with Eco-friendly chemicals.
- This treatment is effective in killing 11 types of viruses and 54 types of bacteria including human coronavirus.
- Our team takes special precautions and sanitizes itself before and after every treatment.
- We don't use public transport for the local commute. We provide our team their own disinfected vehicle
- No cleaning or wiping of the sanitized surface is required after the treatment
- Our team uses the PPE (Complete gear for Personal Protective Equipment, Gloves, Mask, Shield
- We use ultra low fogging machines to reach every corner

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